Polish Legends – Cichosza

I had the honour and privilege to write and direct a music video set in Polish Legends Universe. Please enjoy.

Trzecia Helisa (The Third Helix)

English below.

Moje najnowsze opowiadanie o tytule ‘Trzecia Helisa’ można znaleźć w czwartym numerze magazynu Fantastyka Wydanie Specjalne (4/2016). Wydania specjalne fantastyki ukazują się raz na kwartał, i w przeciwieństwie do miesięcznika Nowa Fantastyka zawierają samą prozę bez publicystyki. Z kiepskich informacji, wydawnictwo Prószyński już po wakacjach postanowiło zrezygnować z wydań elektronicznych obu magazynów. Czemu tak jest, nie wiem, ale wydaje mi się, że to dobra okazja, żeby zarzucić wydawcę e-mailami z zapytaniem o tę dziwaczną decyzję. Wszystkie najbardziej znane magazyny prozatorskie od Locusa po Asimova mają swoje e-wydania, tylko nie nasza Fantastyka.

Tak więc póki co zainteresowanych odsyłam do kiosków ruchu. Za jakiś czas postaram się coś zrobić, żeby tekst pojawił się w sieci. Może pokuszę się nawet o angielskie tłumaczenie.


My new short story got published in latest edition of Fantastyka magazine. Unfortunately it’s only in Polish and only in print. I’ll be working on English translation and e-publication in the future (if you want to help, write me).

Meanwhile to give you a glimpse what it’s about: it’s sort of biopunk setting in very near future. All the drugs are now available in e-form, meaning you no longer have to go to pharmacy. You can download GATC source code on your phone, compile it and inject with microscopic printer. While it’s convenient, it includes nothing more, you can only buy the same stuff that was already available in physical form. So the dark market emerges and thousands of amateurs start to write their own code, and many more thousands start to use it, despite no approvals and huge risk. This side of the coin is called jabbing. Our heroine – Magdalena Lis – is a jabber and a journalist. It all starts with conference of one of the big pharma players – BitPharm. Their CEO Wincent Pasternak announces a revolutionary technology that’s going to push e-drug market to the next level. And Magdalena will do anything to find out his secretes.


Half way there.

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Pankration lettering page 30

Road to ComiXology Submit

It took me a couple of months to publish God Is In The Water on ComiXology Submit, but it’s finally there. Folks at ComiXology are super-busy with the amount of submissions. The platform happened to be very successful, which is not a surprise. Get to self-publish your comic book in a fully professional manner on the world’s largest digital comics platform? Who wouldn’t like that? I certainly would.

So, here it is http://cmxl.gy/1d8lfZl for a price of 0.99$.

Originally I self-published God Is In The Water in September 2012 for free in various places around the web. ComiXology Submit wasn’t there yet so I was looking for the best way to get the comic book to the audience. It landed on Scribd, Graphicly, Issuu, DeviantArt and on my website. There are several opinions as what to make of free content. Some people say that if you don’t want to be paid, how can it have any value? I cannot agree with that. I like free content and I treat it the same way I do the one with a price. Cory Doctorow is the best example. He gives every book for free the same day it lands in the bookstore. He says this practice increased his sales. Well, couldn’t agree more. I read his first book for free and then bought the next ones in hardcover.

What I found difficult with free content is tracking the amount of readers. I got the biggest success with God Is In The Water on Scribd with over a 10k reads. Ok, but how many people actually read the book? The number of times the document got opened is not equal with the number of people who read it. It’s the same difference you get by publishing a free video online and by having your film in cinemas (I know this comparison is a bit bold, but you get the point). You can count the book sales, you can count the tickets sales. And you can assume that most of the people who bought your content actually read it. With free reads and free views you can’t be so sure.

ComiXology Submit forces the price tag, so that’s one dilemma less. I decided that God Is In The Water won’t be free anymore. I took the comic down from every source that didn’t allow me to set the price. So the ones left other than ComiXology are now Scribd and Graphicly. Those of you who got the book in 2012 can happily keep it, but if you want to enjoy the latest in digital comics both on desktop and mobile with panel-by-panel Guided View™ technology – head on to ComiXology and get a new copy.

I’m glad the comic gets a new life on a new platform!

God Is In The Water @ ComiXology

God Is In The Water – a comic book

Today I release free online comic book God Is In The Water.

It’s 20 pages long, written by me with art by Erik Korsgaard.

It’s set during an actual situation in Kibera – one of the largest slums in Africa. It tells a story of a little boy Wambua and his struggle for water in a harsh environment.

Comic Page

God Is In The Water cover

View From The Closet is now online

After many years of occasional screenings my short film is finally online. It was restored, regraded and remastered in HD with new original score.

Please do yourself a favour and mimic the cinematic experience while watching the film – go fullscreen, pump up the volume and turn off the lights. Experience the movie, not just watch it. Thank you.

Here’s some webpress:

Cory Doctorow mentions the film in a BoingBoing post.

Jason Sondhi picks it for Vimeo Staff Picks.

John August posts the film on his tumblr.

Watch View From The Closet.

Film Page

View From The Closet poster